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What is thermal transfer printing

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What is thermal transfer printing? (or heat transfer printing or sublimation printing)

How does it works?

What kind of orders suitable for thermal transfer printing?

Then lets check it.

Here is our thermal transfer printing workshop (main process):

thermal transfer printing

A: Digital Printing: print pattern on the transfer paper.

B: Transfer Printing: Tough the high temperature transfer the pattern (dye) from the transfer paper to the fabric.

C: Clipping. 

(ps, This is just the general production process of a single-sided printed round beach towel, and different products are slightly different in processes)

What kind of orders suitable for thermal transfer printing?

The only limitation is the fabric, the fabric must be microfiber fabric, or the fabric with a high proportion of microfiber.

There is no limit on qty, pattern design, shape...

And environmental friendly, delivery fast.

Mainly prodcuts of  thermal transfer printing:

1. Round/Rectangle beach towels, Ponchos, Bath skirt

2. Sports towels, Rally towels, Promotion towels,

3. Kitchen towels

4. Napkins and towels


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